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The Problem of Gender Disparity at Labour Market in the Frames of Modern Economy Theory

Author (s)

Dadajohnova Munzifakhon Sharifovna


An objective of this article is an investigation of approaches on the part of modern science to the study of the problem beset with gender inequality at labour market. Modern theory of economy studies gender disparity in the frames of the theories of discrimination and human capital. The level of gender inequality in practical aspect is annually explored by the experts from UNO Prospect and World Economy Forum. However, the problem in question remains as scantily researched, as only about 40 years have passed since the time of its having been moved. Methods and methodological machinery are still at a primary stage of formation. Therefore, in theoretical plane in order to solve the problem of gender disparity it is necessary to terminate a formation of methodical-methodological apparatus, and in practical plane we should ensure a formation of social-economic institutes which would promote reduction of feminine discrimination at labour market.


labour market, discrimination, gender disparity, wages, human capital, gender gap, employment


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Monday, 22 April 2019

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