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Factors of Strengthening and Development of Jewellery Wares Market in Tajikistan Republic

Author (s)

Sherov Z. M., Nasriddinov Z. Z.


In their article the authors adduce the basic factors connected with the development of the branch dealing with jewellery manufacturing and the moments according to which the market of precious stones and metals will be evolving. The factors of jewellery market evolution have been well-grounded. The authors have analyzed the indices of production and import of jewellery wares for the latest 10 years in pursuance with major indicators, such as weight, testing and price. They substantiated mentality and character of deposits and investments into jewellery wares and branch market; conventional variants of development being shown.


jewellery wares, precious stones, wares market, testing, gold, investitures into jewellery branch


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Monday, 22 April 2019

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