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Socio-Political Factors of Combating Corruption under the Conditions of Contemporary Tajikistan

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Jononov Saidamir, Soliev Sharofiddin Kholovich


In this article the authors dwell on the social and political aspects of combat with corruption under contemporary conditions of Tajikistan. They pay special attention to optimization of anticorruption policy. It is emphasized that the development of a democratic form of governance, elicitation of optimal mechanisms serving prevention and overcoming of corruption, economic and social development of the country, instilling a law-abiding spirit and a culture of non-tolerance to all types of corruption just as other important political and social factors can enhance an efficiency of anticorruption policy in Tajikistan. The article shows the achievements of Tajikistan in combat against corruption. The conclusion is made that despite an implementation of anticorruption measures, the problem remains actual and needs to be solved. The authors believe that the spirit of self-control is an important factor in prevention from corruption. According to them, religious and cultural factors have an important role in surmounting corruption and upbringling a spirit of self-control among citizens in counteracting corruption.     


corruption, combat with corruption, non-tolerance to corruption, anticorruption politics, efficiency of anticorruption policy, preventing from corruption, principles of anticorruption policy


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Publication date

Saturday, 31 August 2019

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