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Some Issues Concerned with Child`s Family Rights in the Context of the Generation of the Idea Dealing with Human Rights

Author (s)

Imomova Nilufar Makhmaisufovna


In her article the author substantiates the basic stages of formation and development of child`s family rights in the context of its generation not only as an idea, that as a special derivative of human rights either. She singles out the role of the Country of Soviets which made an enormous contribution into consolidation and development of child`s family rights not only at interstatal level, but at an international one either. It is underscored that family law proceeds from the assumption related to the notion of family as a conjugal union of spouses reproducing themselves in children which in the course of evolution formed itself as a social phenomenon or even as a social-legal institute. In this sense child`s family right derives from family law which was traditionally considered as a category of generation of the idea of human rights, therefore, man`s advocacy must enjoy priority.


family law, child, family members, subject of law, stages of human rights development, interstatal and international legal instruments


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Tuesday, 23 April 2019

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