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Certain Issues of Legal Regulation in Reference to Administrative Surveillance in Pursuance with Tajikistan Republic Legislation

Author (s)

Shukurov Nurali


At the contemporary stage the issue of legal regulation of administrative surveillance occupies an especial place in the science of administrative law. Proceeding from this assumption, the goal of the given article lies in investigation of the problematics in question according to Tajikistan Republic legislation. The opinion is expressed that the pointed issue is controversial for contemporary (and not only) administrative law. In the course of scientific literature study it is determined that the problems of legal regulation of administrative surveillance can’t be considered as having been solved in spite of their being in view of today’s law scholars’. In the given streamline special importance is acquired by a definition of “administrative surveillance” notion, elicitation of the specifities of its effectuation, establishment of distinction signs between administrative surveillance and monitoring.


Tajikistan, surveillance, relations, legal regulation, administrative law, legal position


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Tuesday, 23 April 2019

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