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Some Peculiarities of Juridical Tenet and Juridical Traditions of Righteous Caliph Usman (Historical-Legal and Theoretical Research)

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Obidov Dilshod Solidjonovich


In the research article the distinctive features of the juridical tenet and juridical traditions of one of the greatest personalities in the history of state and law of early medieval Islam - the third righteous caliph Usman ibn al-Affan are analyzed as well as the formation and development of his evolution as associate, scientist-fakih and theorititian of kazzo, the science of judgement. Resources, methods, characteristic features and main regulations of juridical doctrine and juridical traditions of righteous caliph Usman are grasped in the article. His activities as a judge and head of forensic power are presented. The character of organization and activity of court system of that era are considered, the main subjects-bearers of juridical power in the light of comparative analysis of the positions of judges-kazis and governors-generals in the court system that functioned at that time are canvassed. The principal forms of righteous caliph Usman's tenet concerned with forensic power , law administering and juridical legitimacy are disclosed.


Islam, juridical power, righteous caliphs, juridical tenet, juridical traditions, kazi, governor-general, justice


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Friday, 30 August 2019

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