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Ideas About National Identity of Tajiks

Author (s)

Akmalova Munira Abdunabievna


The article deals with the problems of strengthening national identity under modern conditions of national statehood. The author of the article emphasizes that strengthening of national identity is an important factor in the direction of consolidation of national statehood and protection of national values from the negative impact of globalization. The author expresses the opinion that national identity of Tajiks should include and reflect all the cultural and spiritual aspects of the nation’s historical development. It is underscored that the existence of non-traditional religious-extremic groups and also incorrect understanding of the essence of secularism by certain parts of society can become a prerequisite for the development of identity crisis in the consciousness of citizens. The author proposes some recommendations for the strengthening of national identity and overcoming of identity crisis prerequisites. 


national identity, globalization, national statehood, national self-consciousness, cultural and religious aspects, religious-extremic groups, secularism, identity crisis


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Publication date

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

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