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Methodical Approaches to Formation of Regional Agro-Industrial Clusters in Tajikistan

Author (s)

Bazarov Shavkat Sharifovich, Begov Dilshod Mirzomurodovich


The article dwells on methodical approaches towards a formation of regional agro-industrial clusters in Tajikistan as a strategic trend aimed at a rise of competitiveness of AICs at the expense of rational combinations of initiatives “from above” and “from down”. The authors have elaborated a model of clusters with principle of unison, integration model, scales of comprisal, degree of orientation in regard to markets being taken into account; cluster type, its nucleus and participants are included into this list as well. It is underscored that it would be expedient to form consumers` cooperatives in the frames of an agroindustrial cluster in order to ensure access to sustainable markets of supply and realization of ready produce, privileged conditions of credit with concentration of consulting, financial, insurance and credit institutions, formation of innovational-inculcative clusters and inclusion of higher schools into agroindustrial clusters are well-grounded. The authors suggest a conceptual model of prospective clusters in regional AICs of Tajikistan and move some directions related to creation of agroindustrial clusters with export orientation and import substitution being taken into consideration.


cluster, agroindustrial cluster, regional AICs, models of cluster formation, export, import substitution 


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Publication date

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

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