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Theoretical, Practical and Legal Regulation of Part Working Time

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Shuhratpur Muhammadyusuf


The article dwells on the problem beset with regulation of part working time in TR. It is underscored that out of three kinds of working time established by Tajikistan Republic Labour Code it is legal regulation of a part time working day that confronts difficulties most of all. It is marked that sometimes when striking a labour agreement its parties, as well as officers of competent state bodies, commit errors related to realization of the norms appertaining to Tajikistan Republic Labour Code and concerned with part working time. The emphasis is laid upon the fact that researchers engaged in this branch don`t have any unified view as to this question and, as for forensic bodies, the latters apply legal norms in reference to it being not distinguished with uniform approach. The author of the article has investigated the grounds and orders of engrafting part working time. She points to differences between full and abridged working time and proposes durability of part working time being an actual topic for a scientific discussion. 


right for labour, working time, part working day, working week, durability


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Saturday, 31 August 2019

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