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Peculiarities and Structure of Mechanism of Realization of Investitive Projects

Author (s)

Rakhimova Nigora Sharifjahnovna


The author of the article adduces opinions concerned with diverse kinds of mechanisms from the point of view of the science of economics. She gives the analyzes of the mainstreams of regional investitive policy, the content of the notion “mechanism of realization of regional investitve project” has been studied and its characteristics are presented. Different methods of organization and management with investments into the mechanism of regional investitive projects are exposed. The author shows the peculiarities and structure of the mechanism in question whose character is determined with investitive milieu, goal, sources of financing, objects of investment and rating of investitive projects. The main assignments of the mechanism studied are underscored as well.


theory of economic mechanisms, regional investitive projects, mechanism of investitive policy, peculiarities of mechanism, mechanism structure


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Publication date

Monday, 22 April 2019

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