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Formation of Infrastructural Provision and Development of Statal-Private Partnership in the Sphere of Services in Tajikistan Regions

Author (s)

Kurbonova Fariza Kholovna, Sultonov Zoirsho Sultonovich


The authors of the article have conducted a scientific survey of researches on a formation of infrastructural provision and development of statal-private partnership in the sphere of services done by the scientists of the evolved countries. They singled out basic methodological approaches towards a definition of the notion and essence in regard to a formation of infrastructural provision and development of statal-private partnership in the sphere of services. It is underscored that the above-mentioned problems are a basis for a stable and all-embracing economy growth creating a greater number of job vacancies and reducing poverty level in the country. The role and significance of the formers in an insurance of economy growth in the system of market have been determined. Their theoretical grounds and peculiarities have been signified. The analysis of priority branch streamlines of the development of statal-private partnership in the sphere of services on the level of Tajikistan Republic subjects has been carried out. The authors proposed a mechanism of state regulation and support in reference to the issue canvassed. 


infrastructure, infrastructural provision, development of the sphere of services, mechanism of statal regulation, financial climate, investitive procurement, statal-private partnership


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Publication date

Friday, 23 June 2017

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