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Determinants of Demand and Supply in Labour Market of National Economy RT

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Muminova Nighina Ravshanovna


The article presents the results of research of supply and demand at the labor market of TR national economy  which revealed causes and factors of supply and demand for labor. Prerequisites, factors and forms of formation of the labor market  in TR have been canvassed as well. It is proved that the basis for determining the price of labor in  the national economy is a marginal product of labor on the basis  of marginal productivity level. Institutional factors affecting wages are defined. The ratio of per hour output and per hour wages in the economy of the Republic of Tajikistan is analyzed. Comparison of the main determinants of supply and demand for labor in  the economy of the Republic of Tajikistan with  other countries has been conducted. The state of informal employment, its types and reasons are also considered. The problems of supply and demand for labor market in national economy at the present stage of development are identified and various measures for eliminating these problems are put forward.


supply and demand, labor market, national economy, production, marginal product, wages, per hour output, informal employment


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Tuesday, 23 April 2019

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