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Conceptual Basis for the Strategy of Social and Economic Development of the Region

Author (s)

Haydarova M. H., Ashurov U. Z.


The author offers a specified definition of a conception as to the strategy of social-economic development of the region. Basic phases and stages of the process of strategy elaboration are elicited together with the results of the works making up the content of conceptual grounds of the strategy related to a long term evolution of the region. It is substantiated that the latters are evinced and applied in the process in question. Due to it regional strategy presupposes an availability of mechanisms which would carry out the plan of actions worked out by state power bodies; among other helpful items there are: system of permanent monitoring of social economic state in the region, comparison of monitoring data with aims and criteria of development, assessment of efficiency and resultativeness of the measures undertaken.


регион, концепция, стратегия развития, процесс, структура, качество, мониторинг


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Publication date

Monday, 22 April 2019

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