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Agrarian Policy of State: Scientific Interpretation and Specifitiеs of Realization under Contemporary Conditions


The article dwells on the specifities of state regulation of the agrarian sector of economy under contemporary conditions in the Republic of Tajikistan. Having studied the basic features and streamlines of agrarian policy effectuation the authors substantiated principle directions of its implementation in the nearest perspective under the conditions of Tajikistan. In the authors’ opinion, regulation of agrarian market remains to have been one of the important tendencies of the economy policy of the state not only in Tajikistan, but in other world countries either.

Interpretation of different scientists and researchers dealing with the essence of agrarian policy is presented in the article. Proceeding from the approaches of other scholars, the authors move their own treatment of the category of “agrarian policy” being more specific under the conditions of Tajikistan Republic. According to the authors’ suppositions, the efforts aimed at industrialization of the agrarian sector must become a key component of agrarian policy of the state which can be successfully carried out under the conditions of clusterization of agrarian production in the republic.


agrarian policy, agrarian sector, state regulation, food security, agricultural production, food policy, regulation of AIC


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Friday, 30 August 2019

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