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Шокиров Р.С., Сангин И.



The article dwells on the features of the organization of local production activities in the economy of the region. The evolution of the concepts of production location in the region is reviewed and the place and role of industrial specialization in it are determined. The are disclosed concepts of the territorial distribution of production activities in the economy of the region, such as economic zoning, competitive advantages, theory of spatial organization of the economy, theory of industrial location, theory of spatial organization of economy, theory of "central places", conception of standards and clusters. The are studiedpotential ways of increasing labor productivity in the limits of industrial specialization, there are also analyzed positive and negative aspects of narrow industrial specialization.The need a formation of an innovation-oriented model of regional economy in which an evolution of the distribution of productive forces is ensured according to the scheme of “standards - industrial zones - industrial clusters” is well-grounded.


regional economy, production specialization,productive forces,territorial distribution of productive forces, industrial zones, standard, cluster


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Publication date

Monday, 20 March 2023