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Kendjaev Sh.Y.


 In his article the author clucidates the political tenet in regard to law belonging to Tajik thinkers who stood for the highest values–those of human rights and freedoms, justice and necessary qualities representatives of authorities ought to possess. The tenet in question pursued by the Tajik thinkers of the XI-th –the XV-th centuries is analysed being proceeded from the examples based on the works of such classics as Abuali ibn Sino, Kaikovus, Nizamalmulk, Abdurakhman Djami;  their role in the development of human rights and freedoms in today’s world being highlighted.It is emphasized that the Tajik thinkers of the XI-th–the XV-th centuries presented a number of mostly important ideas and theses a part of which amounts to the level of conceptual elaborations having not lost their actualness up to nowadays.


political tenet in regard to law, Tajik thinkers, state and law, supreme value, human rights, law, justice, statal governance


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Publication date

Monday, 20 March 2023