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Kuzibaeva Baroat Murotboevna


The author points out that in modern times when economic relations in the Republic of Tajikistan are formed under the influence of market laws, adaptation of the national economy to these laws becomes an objective necessity. In terms of market economy a prominent place is occupied by joint ventures. The article compares the effectiveness of joint ventures in the development of industry as a form of joint-stock business on the basis of comparison with international experience.The author studies a contribution of joint ventures into the process of industrialization of the economy of the country.The author points out that the role of joint ventures should be taken into account not only in the industrial development of the country, but in the context of the situation either. There is visually shown a specificity of the situation joint ventures function in having imprinted on the option of the objectives targeted at indutrialization of the country under today’s conditions



Keywords: joint ventures, foreign investments, international experience, international business, state budget, dividends, privatization, engagement, modernization, restructurization


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Publication date

Tuesday, 13 September 2022