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Davlatzoda D.A.


The article dwells on theoretico-practical approaches towards state support of economy under pandemic conditions. In particular, lowering of business activeness and negative phenomena in Tajikistan Republic economy related to pandemic have been analyzed. It is elicited that state support of economy should be maximally constructive and transparent on so far as  a solution of pandemic aftermath is concerned. It is revealed that economic indices related to pandemic sustained strong decrease  in the period of intensive spread of the crisis, thereby, without state support the subjects of economy can’t improve them. It is well-grounded that in the nearest years it is necessary to work out of state measures on liquidation of pandemic consequences. It is supposed that activization of the role of the state in supporting the activities of both private and state enterprises will promote amortization of business- structures economic plight, small and medium business inclusive; into the bargain, population’s life under COVID- 19 virus dissemination is supposed to be alleviated as well.


Tajikistan Republic , national economy, pandemic, COVID -19 pandemic aftermath, monetary payments, state support of branches, development of holdings, small and medium business


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Publication date

Saturday, 18 March 2023