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Махмадбекзода М.Ш. Алимов А.Л.


The article presents an analysis of main trends of development of population’s labour migration from Tajikistan Republic and problems of returning labour migrants. There are cleared out the main reasons which have caused the downfall of the quantum of labour migrants and monetary transfers sent by them from the countries of sojourn.The authors of the article substantiate the disbalance formed between the level of professional standard possessed by the citizens potentially leaving for labour migration and labour market  demands of Russian Federation, this situation aggravates the problems of external labour migration and returning labour migrants being citizens of Tajikistan. Both the problems of departing and returning migrants have been worsening due to deterioration of outward factors in particular, the danger of COVID-19 pandemic dissemination being one of them. It is underscored that the tendency towards a decrease of departing labour migrants has been proceeding since 2015, but it doesn’t reflect on any alterations in money transfers from outside sent by natural persons.


outward labour migration, trends of migration, returning labour migrants, money transfers of migrants, peculiarities of labour market, COVID-19 dissemination danger


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Saturday, 18 March 2023