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Kodirzoda M.A.


The article analyzes general theoretical foundations of the concept of the development of state ecological function and its relationship with the science of environmental law and current legislation. It is noted that the ecological function of the state as a necessary subject for the study of environmental law is important for preservation, proper use and restoration of natural resources. In order to determine the concept of the state's ecological function and its relationship with the science of environmental law the author carried out a detailed scientific and theoretical analysis of implementation of state policy in the field of environmental protection using the views of scientists in the field of environmental law science.

The article presents the views of various domestic and foreign scientists and researchers in the field of the ecological function of the state on the basis of which methods of promoting the state policy in the field of the ecological function of the state are presented.


state, ecological function, environmental protection, natural resources, ecological law, rational use, activity of the state, environmental management


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Publication date

Tuesday, 27 April 2021