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Gayurov G.H.


This article discusses and analyzes the key aspects of banking services and the ways to improve their quality in today's economic environment. The theoretical and practical aspects of improving the quality of banking services and its mechanisms are investigated, and the main ways of providing banking products in modern conditions are analyzed. The author focuses on the multifaceted aspects of banking services and explores the problems of providing banking products and services in the Republic of Tajikistan. It has been substantiated that under modern economic conditions the quality of services is one of the key indicators of banks' activities and the level of their efficiency depend on this. The author also pays special attention to the factors affecting and hindering the development and improvement of banking services, classifying and analyzing these factors. It was noted that there are many factors in the banking system of the Republic of Tajikistan that can have a strong impact on the speed and quality of banking services. The article examines in details the existing factors and discusses the ways to overcome them. In addition, the effectiveness of banks in the banking market and the procedures for providing remote banking services at a distance in the banking system of Tajikistan have been studied. Proceeding from a thorough study and comprehensive analysis, the author offers a number of recommendations for improving the quality of banking services in the banking system of the Republic of Tajikistan and the prospects for their development which allows creating a favorable environment.


banks, banking system, banking products, credit institutions, banking management, quality of banking services, banking capital, banking operations, remote banking services at a distance


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Saturday, 24 April 2021