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Management with Agricultural Land Resources in the Regions: Foreign Experience

Author (s)

Rizokulov T. R., Akbarzoda A.


The necessity of study of foreign experience in resource management under modern conditions is substantiated. The authors of the article analyze the size of farmlands and sown areas of separate countries in relation to their total territory. They show the world experience in land management which can be taken into account when forming economic mechanisms for regulating land resources in the regions of Tajikistan under the conditions of market relations. In their article the authors adduce the analysis beset with the Anglo-Saxon (American) model, which is characterized by: high degree of local self-management, citizens` control over it, as well as a continental (European) model which is characterized by limited local self-management. The main provisions of agricultural land management in the USA, Germany, Denmark, Brazil and China are revealed. The main distinctive aspects of land management in them are analyzed and conclusions are formulated.


agricultural lands, land resources management, Anglo-Saxon model, continental (European) model, use of world experience, agricultural lands, regions of Tajikistan


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Publication date

Thursday, 10 September 2020