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Theoretical Analysis Beset with Political Security Institutions: Trends Determination

Author (s)

Melkov S.A., Perendjiyev A.N., Lyabah A. Y.


The authors give their own definition of the term “political institute of security”, they single out its essential signs, conduct a comparison with an economy institute of security. Kinds and concrete examples of political institutes of security are presented. Interconnection between “political security” and “political institute of security” is determined and studied in a terminological key. Political institute of security are  conventionally divided into two groups: statal-managerial frameworks in the sphere of security and non-statal political and/ or social-political structures. The authors analyze the role  of “United Russia” party, All-Russian national  front, RT Social Chamber in insurance of political security. They adduce an expert assessment of provisions presented in their work.  The article is prepared in the frames of the scientific school “State Policy and Management” functioning on constant foundation in the Academy of Civil Defence under the Ministry of Extraordinary Situation of Russia.


state power, political institute of security, political security, political power, political system, nation, economic institute of security, assessment of expert


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Publication date

Monday, 14 September 2020