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Построение системы показателей оценки эффекта розничных торговых сетей

Author (s)

Valeeva Julia Sergeyevna


The article proposes an approach to assessing the effect of retail networks consisting of three blocks for assessing consumer`s value, the value obtained by a retail network, as well as all the participants in a consumer`s value chain of service and their involvement in its creation. A system of indicators for assessing the effect of retail network has been formed being differentiated by the type of the effect arisen that affords to appreciate a quality of evolving services in the aspect of the categories their recipients are referred to. The conclusion is made that retail network functioning is characterized with a formation of sustainable chain effect: essentially, one can speak about synergetic effect caused by the scales of the activities effectuated on the part of trade networks.


retail trade network, service, synergy, effect, indicators, assessment of consumer`s value, three blocks of value


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Publication date

Thursday, 10 September 2020