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Some Factors Affecting the Investment Climate in the Region

Author (s)

Samadova Z. A., Nurilloev Kh. R.


The article dwells on some factors affecting the investment climate in the region. Having analyzed the investment activity in Sughd viloyat of Tajikistan Republic the authors show that there are a number of factors that hinder the activation of an investment process. The authors of the article canvass a mechanism of macroeconomic regulation of investment processes as well. They illustrate the main indices aimed at economic development in Sughd viloyat. As one of the factors aimed at an improvement of the investment climate both in the country and in the regions the article considers the political situation both inside and outside the country. In their article the authors designate the volumes of attracted foreign investments in the regions of Tajikistan Republic for 2008 - 2017. It is underscored that such factors as geographical location of the country, availability of raw stuffs and bioclimatic resources and their affective utilization can lead to a favorable investment climate, upon the whole.


investments, investment climate, investment potential, foreign investments, financial resources, regional investment programs, investment infrastructure, investment risk 


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Publication date

Thursday, 10 September 2020