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Economy and Ecology: Interrelation and Interdependence

Author (s)

Alijanova Surayo Abdushukurovna


The article dwells on the nature of economy and ecology in interconnection and interdependence. Since the unfolding of the industrial revolution, a model has been formed to extensively scale up an involvement of natural resources into economy that has led to a sharp charge on natural resources and an environmental crisis. Therefore, the established correlation in priorities should be changed and an optimal combination should be found; the latter being supposed to include both environmental and economic benefits. There are three ways out from this contradiction. Firstly: a significant limitation of an anthropogenic impact on nature – but that is environmental utopianism. Secondly: economic development without taking into account environmental restrictions – but that is economic extremism which leads to degradation of nature. Thirdly: combination of economic and environmental needs. Under modern conditions the results of the destruction of the ecological environment can act as a deterrent to sustainable development. Without solving modern environmental problems it is impossible to ensure sustainable development in the context of globalization of economic relations.


ecologico-economic system, ecologic utopianism, economic extremism, environ­mental crisis, degradation of nature, economy as natural potential, environmental capital


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Thursday, 10 September 2020