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The Market of Ecologically Pure Produce: Modern Interpretation and Peculiarities of its Formation in Tajikistan

Author (s)

Shokirov R.S., Makhmudov M.K.


The article dwells on the issues beset with a formation of ecologically pure produce in Tajikistan Republic. The definitions of some foreign scientists connected with the essence of the market of ecologically pure produce have been systematized; proceeding from this systematization, the authors of the article present their own interpretation of the notion “the market of ecologically pure produce”. The essence of mutually connected categories is disclosed: ecological market, market of ecologically pure produce; necessity of ecologically pure produce market formation under the conditions of deepening globalization being well-grounded. Mutual connection and interaction of “sustainable development” conception and “ecologically pure produce market” notion are researched, a potential model of а formation of ecologically pure produce market is presented being preconditioned by specific peculiarities of Tajikistan Republic economy. The authors keep to the opinion that there are all necessary prerequisites for a formation of ecologically pure produce market; proceeding from this postulate, they substantiate a strategy of development in regard to this sector.


market, market relations, sustainable development, ecologically pure produce, food safety, agricultural production


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Publication date

Wednesday, 14 November 2018