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Overcoming the Aftermath of Transformational Slump and Priority Streamlines of Further Development of Tajikistan Republic Economy

Author (s)

Alijanova Suraiyo Abdushukurovna, Alijanov Djamshed Abdukayumovich


By means of using economy methods, in particular, that one of transition from historic to logical and empirical analyses, the aftermath of transformational slump in the economy of Tajikistan Republic is analyzed. In the research it is determined that realization of import substitutional strategy acts as an effective way of overcoming the consequences of transformational crisis in Tajikistan. The author underscores the importance of studying the experience of different countries of world community for effectuation of the strategy in question. He substantiates that effectiveness of import substitution depends, first of all, on implementation of economic policy, forms of running economy and aims of social-economic development. Provision of import substitutional economy growth should play a decisive role for overcoming the aftermath of transformational slump which, in its turn, has led to various difficulties.


social manufacturing, endogenic factors, exogenic factors, transformational crisis, crisis of underproduction, policy of import substitution, import substitutional growth, outward free trade


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Publication date

Saturday, 26 January 2019