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Rogun HEPS and the Ways of Utilization of Water-Energy Resources of Tajikistan

Author (s)

Boymatov Alidjohn Azizovich


The article dwells on actual issues of regional development designed on the premise of ubiquitous utilization of water-energy resources. Special attention is paid to cooperation of Tajikistan in the field of energetics and rational utilization of water resources jointly with other countries; the enterprise in question being a strategic direction of integration of economy in post-Soviet space and a prerequisite of Tajikistan. Republic entrance into the Eurasian economy union. Non-adequate provision with electric power accounts for a growth of the number of migrants and the share of their monetary transfers in GDP. For an elevation of energy safety it is extremely necessary to implement the project beset with a final termination of Rogun HEPS construction, to utilize the advantages of minor HEPSes and to use widely non-traditional resumed sources of power. The ways of energy security elevation in the Northern region have been determined.


water-energy resources, regional development, water potential, minor HEPSes, energetic safety, resumed sources of power, energetic goods, ecologically pure energy, rationalization of consumption, djamoat (self-governed area)


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Publication date

Monday, 28 January 2019