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Classification and Characteristic Features of Information Services Market Development

Author (s)

Bahovudinov, Djamshedhon Khaydarkhadjayevich


The author of the article expounds the results of investigation related to the regional market of information services, he adduces its different classifications and characteristic features. It is underscored that regional market of informational services is one of the types of local markets. Several methodological prerequisits for its development are offered. Special attention is paid to the opinions of foreign, mainly Russian, scholars who single out characteristic features of the market of informational services. Proceeding from the analysis of diverse researches, the author singles out the classification of special signs of the market kept to by A. V. Faleev; the latter singles out its important functions targeted at the development of the region as by means of the pointed forms of information it is possible to characterize informational conjuncture of the region and to elicit applied aspects of services in reference to regional markets. In conclusion, designing on the premises of generalization of scientists’ views, the author proposes a scheme of his own dealing with classification of informational services.


information services market, regional information market, methodological background, information and communication technologies, characteristics and classification of the information services market


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Publication date

Monday, 28 January 2019