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To the Issue of Potentiality of Consideration of Nonmaterial Benefits as a Subject of Corruption Crimes in Kazakhstan Republic Penal Code

Author (s)

Abishev Bakyt Shalkarovich


The article focuses on the issue of consideration as a subject of bribery, commercial bribery, provision of services, non-proprietary benefits, as one of the recommendations of the UN Convention against Corruption. Various points of view of scientists have been analyzed on this issue, and the norms of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan and some post-Soviet countries governing liability for commercial bribery and bribe taking, in particular, the subject of these crimes, have been investigated.


criminal law, crime, interests of statal service, commercial bribery, service interests in commercial or other organizations, corruption crimes, malfeasance, bribery, subject of crime, bribery in a private sector


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Publication date

Monday, 28 January 2019