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To Methodology of Assessment of Effectiveness Related to Utilization of Human Capital

Author (s)

Kosimova, Shavkatjon Abdukodirovna


Proceeding from comparison of different models of assessment of effectiveness related to utilization of human capital in national economy, the author expresses the idea of the necessity of selecting or choosing such a model which would afford to trace causal- sequential connection ( a quantitative one) between alterations in human capital structural composition and resultativeness of economy (GDP). It is supposed that establishment of quantitative connection can in perspective create a potentiality for imitation of human capital structure in national economy respective of GDP telic parametres. It is determined that the basic aim of human capital formation is elevation of labour productivity in regard to regional workers up to world indices in the environment of intensive development referring to the economics of knowledge. Prognostication of human capital structure is necessary for formation and development of a stock responding to the objective and goals of regional evolution.


utilization of human capital, labour resource, employment, municipal education, effectiveness  of worker’s labour, economics of alive and substantiated labour, index of human potential development.


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Publication date

Wednesday, 14 November 2018