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Using Foreign Experience of Implementation of «Digital Dividend» in Tajikistan Republic

Author (s)

Saidullaev Umedjon Uktamovich


The article dwells on basic technical-economic problems of regulation of limited national resource of radiofrequencies .The author has analyzed an economic experience of foreign countries on realization of digital dividend at auctions of various types. He has canvassed the problems reducing the effectiveness of telecommunication  companies in the items of mobile high-speed internet made available. Effective variants of realization of «digital dividend» promoting a development of the market of mobile high-speed internet and acceleration of the process of transition to complete digital telecasting in Tajikistan Republic are researched and suggested. An economically  effective approach towards a determination of the methods of interaction between state and entrepreneurship structures on mutually profitable conditions promoting a transition to digital telecasting in Tajikistan Republic is proposed. The author has conducted an analysis of principal economic problems beset with effectuation of full transition from analogous telecasting to digital one within the term established with state programme and international duties of Tajikistan Republic.


radiofrequencies, mobile Internet of high speed, mobile operators, digital television, digital dividend, auction, services 


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Publication date

Saturday, 26 January 2019