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Factors Influencing Sustainable Development of Regional Horticulture

Author (s)

Abdulazizov Rakhimjohn Abduvaliyevich


The author describes the peculiarities of horticulture development in Sughd viloyat and substantiates its importance as the branch in question which is included into key complexes of national economy determining the conditions of maintenance concerned with life activity of the population living in the Viloyat and in the country upon the whole. He elicited close productive and economic interconnection of economy units specializing in produce output, timely and qualitative processing (dessioation), storage and providing processing enterprises with means of production as well. The basic factors of horticulture sustainable development influencing the standardized development of regional economy have been generalized. The characteristic of the present state of horticulture in the region is given; dependence of further evolution of the branch on a number of factors swaying over a development standard of regional culture being marked. The author determines the role of intensive and superintensive horticulture in sustainable development of the branch in the region with application of drop irrigation and selection of highly qualitative plants being taken into account. 


development factor, regional horticulture, effectiveness of stone fruits, apricot production, yield capacity


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Publication date

Wednesday, 14 November 2018