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Family Budget as Life Standard Indicator

Author (s)

Negmatova Shokhida Gufronovna


The author of the article adduces an example of a family whose budget consists of incomes and expenses. Attention is focused on main sources and structure of both the formers and the latters; formation and usage of family budget being shown accurately. Planning of family budget with taking into account family members’ needs is presented as elevation of life’s standard and quality, stabilization of family’s economy. The author has conducted the analysis in reference to incomes and expenses over the republic and separately over Sughd viloyat for 2011 – 2016; the goal of it being a determination of family’s financial stability; regularly averaged budget consisting of well-grounded items being proposed too. Considerable affection of inflation over the economy of indigent layers of population enjoying statal support is underscored. In order to rise family’s economy reasonable usage of family’s incomes is recommended; members’ employment is to be carried out when possible as well.


family, budget, plan, income, food stuffs and non-eatable goods, taxes, obligatory payments, consumers’ expenses, inflation, savings


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Publication date

Monday, 28 January 2019