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Benchmarking as an Instrument of Competitive Ability in Regard to Hotel Enterprises

Author (s)

Rajabov R.K., Sharipova Kh.R.


The article dwells on utilization of benchmarking as an instrument of competitive ability of economy subjects referring to hotel business. Benchmarking is targeted at elicitation of competitive ability of unique potentialities of enterprises in order the formers were converted into competitive advantages. Initial data for analysis are collected by means of any four possible benchmarking strategies: competitive, functional, internal or general ones. The principal objective of the method is to study partners’ business quality and effect after what to use their progressive devices and practical methods in competitive struggle in order to achieve commercial success of the company of your own. The authors suggest basic stages of benchmarking conducting: definition of an object, elicitation of benchmarking partners for comparison, quest and study of the best working methods in reference to hotels, simplification and acceleration of extremely complicated business-processes, adaptation and application of the best practical elaborations, establishment of goals and application of an experience obtained. The results of benchmarking comparison for inculcation of progressive experiments in Tajikistan have been adduced.


competition, benchmarking research, hotel enterprises, hotel services, stages, models, benchmarking methods


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Publication date

Wednesday, 14 November 2018