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Traditional and Innovational Approaches to the Study of Foreign Policy of Tajikistan

Author (s)

Mamadkulova Ra`no Alimovna


The article dwells on theoretico-methodological grounds dealing with investigation of state foreign policy. The author analyzes the position of major schools of the theory of international relations and foreign policy, she focuses attention on the levels of analysis relating to foreign policy, correlation of national interests and state foreign policy at the contemporary stage, influence of internal and external factors over a formation of foreign policy of a contemporary state, in particular, that one pursued by Tajikistan Republic. An endeavor is made to analyze in details such factors resorted to by the Tajik state as multivector diplomacy and “open doors” policy.


theoretical and methodological bases, levels of analysis, subject, agent and counter-agent of international relations, multivector diplomacy, “open door” policy. 


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Publication date

Monday, 28 January 2019