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Transformation of Household Savings into Investitures under the Conditions of High Level of Outward Labour Migration

Author (s)

Alidjanova Surayo Abdushukurovna


The article dwells on population`s savings transformation into investitive resources in Tajikistan Republic where high level of outward labour migration is observed. It has been elicited that in spite of a prevalence of market foundations of economy running an effective mechanism of household savings transformation into investitures is absent in the country. The present mechanism doesn`t promote a development of the real sector but is referred advantageously for that one of small trade entrepreneurship. Such form of household savings transformation doesn`t promote balanced development of TR economy in a long-term perspective; the fact being reflected in high dependence upon external factors. Therefore, the productive sphere as a ground for sustainable development of national economy has been enduring chronic deficiency of investitive resources. It is marked that for higher concentration of household savings organization of foundation market effective activity is necessary, it concerns especially the secondary market of valuable papers whose availability is bound to promote savings transformation into real investitures. 


investitures, household savings, complete inclination for savings, complete inclination for consuming, multiplicator of autonomous investitures, foundation market 


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Publication date

Friday, 23 June 2017