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The Role of Fiscal Policy in Regard to Social-Economic Development in Tajikistan Republic

Author (s)

Khydoynazarov Khayom Sohibnazarovich


The article dwells on the features of fiscal policy in the space of structural shifts in national economy. Micro- and macroeconomic frameworks of fiscal policy have been analyzed, the tendencies of expenses for social and economic goals are established as the basis for stabilization of national economy.It should be kept in mind that such instruments of fiscal policy as taxes and transfers affect not only aggregate demands, but aggregate supply either. Tax cuts and increased transfers can be used to stabilize economy and to combat with cyclical unemployment during recession by stimulating the growth of total expenditures and, consequently, economic activity and employment standard. Peculiarities of distribution of country`s budget resources are established. Priority conditions for the development of budget expenditures in the transitional economy of Tajikistan Republic have been defined. 


economy of transitional period of TR, fiscal policy, budget expenditures, tax-budget system, socio-economic process, development strategy, tax entries. 


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Publication date

Friday, 23 June 2017