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Development of Innovative Activity in the Sphere of Physical Culture and Sports in the Republic of Tajikistan

Author (s)

Saidova M.Kh., Abduloyev A.B.


The article dwells on conceptual peculiarities of innovational process in the realm of physical culture and sports, the authors elicited the factors affecting the development of the sphere in question, they ascertained the fact that financing of innovational activity of this sphere can be effectuated by investitive and innovative foundations. They conducted a comparative analysis of traditional and innovational technologies of training human resources in this domain. The authors worked out the notion of a product of concrete type of sports and a model of a product referring to diverse kinds of sports under an appraisal concerned with functioning and development of entrepreneurial activity in the realm of physical culture and sports. The foreign experience of innovational activity financing has been studied in addition. Assessment is given as to the development of statal-private partnership on the basis of the created effective institutes of interaction between business and state; the latters being poorly used as innovative instruments for improvement of services rendered for physical culture and sports and for perfection of infrastructure quality. Trends on training qualified managers in the sphere of physical culture and sports have been moved.


innovation, innovational process, innovational activity, physical culture and sports, organization of physical culture and sports, statal-private partnership, services on physical culture and sports


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Publication date

Tuesday, 27 February 2018