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On Some Issues Related to Administrative-Legal Regulation of Migrational Relations

Author (s)

Sanavvarov Golibjohn Bakoyevich


In modern science of administrative law the issue on legal regulation of migration and migrational relations remains to be actual. Proceeding from this assumption, the studies beset with the problematics of migrational relations require especial approach. Notwithstanding the fact of legal regulation of migration and migrational relations being explored by contemporary law scientists, the problem, as the author deems, can`t be considered as a solved one. Separate theoretical grounds of administrative-legal regulation of the above-mentioned relations are researched in the article. Further on it is proposed to consider for administrative-legal regulation of migrational relations methods and modes of legal pressure of administrative-legal character which design on the premise of administrative law norms including such stages of legal affection as law creative effectuation of law norms and stage of statal co-ercion whose objective lies in advocacy of rights and lawful interests of the subjects of migrational relations in the frames of jurisprudence. 


Tajikistan, migrational relations, legal regulation, advocacy of rights, administrative law, administrative reform 


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Publication date

Monday, 25 September 2017