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Concept and Peculiarities of Constitutional Legal Responsibility

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Boboev Anvarbek Khuzhaevich, Latipov Sunnatullo Ubaidulloevich


The article deals with one of the most important institutions of constitutional law science – constitutional-legal responsibility. It is underscored that the problem of legal responsibility occupies one of the central places, both in the general theory of law and in branch juridical sciences, constitutional law inclusive. However, the issue of the concept of legal liability and a generally recognized definition of legal responsibility remains controversial as it has not been worked out yet.

It is noted that being one the forms of legal responsibility, constitutional-legal answerability is a set of characteristics that singles out legal responsibility from other social phenomena. Like any other legal responsibility, it is a measure of state coercion based on legal conviction and public condemnation of offenses and expressed in establishing certain negative consequences for an offender


constitutional offense, juridical answerability, constitutional-legal responsibility, signs of answerability, subject and object, constitutional section


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Publication date

Monday, 25 September 2017