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Iranian-Armenian Factor in Regional Policy

Author (s)

Ghevorghyan Arsen Olegovich


The article analyzes the reasons for the proximity of the Armenian-Iranian interaction. For a clear understanding of the importance of cooperation between Iran and Armenia the facts of the most ancient times confirming the proximity of the two states are cited. They consider not only bilateral Iranian-Armenian relations, but the plight of national Iranian minorities in the South Caucasian region, cooperation with Tajikistan, as with the state of the Iranian-speaking world either. The latest achievements and prospects of cooperation are analyzed too. Here refer historical foundations of this cooperation,  symmetrical significance of the two countries for each other. In general, this material is an actual topic for a large scientific  research.


Armenia, Iran, Tajikistan,  Iranianpeoples, Iranian-speakingworld, interaction


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Publication date

Wednesday, 28 February 2018