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Diagnostics of Business Processes of a Trading Network

Author (s)

Aripov Orifkhodja Khabibulloevich


The author proposes a methodology of retail trade network inner business-processes diagnostics as one of the constituents of a balanced system of indices, hereby an object of research acts as a system, possessing elements and connections between them. Traditionally a strategic analysis is oriented on elicitation of mostly stable regularities and tendencies able to play a dominant role in perspective in each process and on prognostication of economic activity indices based on them. The essence of the methodology lies in elicitation of the attained system state deviation from the desired (telic). Preliminarily a formation of a system of indices is suggested for a description of the retail trade network under studies. Effectuation of diagnostics is necessary for appraisal of sustainability of development related to the studied system. Closed JSC “Planet” being one of economy subjects of Tajikistan Republic as a retail trade network is an object of research.


diagnostics, business process, trade network, sustainability, integral assessment, phase portrait


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Publication date

Wednesday, 28 February 2018