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Comparative Appraisal of Regional Structure of Tajikistan Republic National Economy

Author (s)

Hoshimov Homidjohn Hasanovich


The article dwells on the problems of comparative assessment of regional structure in national economy, transformation of economic relations and elevation of management efficiency in reference to social-economic processes at a regional level.

The author of the article conducted a comparative analysis of macroeconomic indices showing a degree of development of regions; proceeding from concrete figures, he elicited the tendencies prevailing in certain areas. He moved separate problems and proposed the ways of their solution. A development of any region is determined with its natural resources base, ecological surroundings and their affect upon the social-political sphere. The mechanism of functioning of regions possesses peculiar features in the county`s economy space. Efficiency of mechanisms is preconditioned by regional policy and historic peculiarities caused by a state type as well. Tajikistan republic is a democratic independent country, consequently, its state policy beset with regional development regulation is targeted at a formation of national structure in regard to the economy of the regions which takes into consideration full population`s engagement, life quality improvement, just distribution of incomes, sustainable macroeconomic development.


regional structure, comparative assessment, macroeconomic indices, irregularity of development, regional policy, levelling of socio-economic plight


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Publication date

Tuesday, 27 February 2018