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The Budget System of the Republic of Tajikistan: State, Problems and Future Development

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Achilova Malikakhon Anvardjonovna


Fiscal policy of any state implies management and regulation in regard to public finances and it finds reflectian in the budget of the country.This article dwells on the budget system of the  Republic of Tajikistan, in particular, issues of revenue  generation, monetary resources distribution,  causes of  deficiency and methods of its covering. In the article one can find answers to the questions on how the budget system of the Republic of Tajikistan functions, to what extent, when and how funds are allocated and necessary payments for implementation of public assignments are effectuated. It also contains recommendations for a development of the budget system of the country. It is known that an effective budgeting system affords to build transparent, freely managed financial structure, to solve many economic problems, to reduce a probability of budget deficiency, and to decrease an amount of state loans.


«On State Badget» Law, state revenues, planning, manetary funds, deficency, distribution of resources 


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Publication date

Wednesday, 28 February 2018