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Analysis of Economy Norms on Regulation of Activities Carried out by Crediting Institutions

Author (s)

Sidikov Negmatdjon


The article presents an analysis of economy norms established by the National Bank of Tajikistan for regulating the activities of crediting institutions functioning on the territory of Tajikistan. Under the analysis and studies of norms fixed according to standing orders of TNB Instruction, # 176, adequately original mathematical dependences of all of them on regulation stock amount have been established. Researched concrete correlations on these norms resulted into a description of five provisions which being observed afford to attain welfare and sustainable development of a crediting institution. The author of the article adduces also certain mathematical correlations between economy norms and indices connected with the formers which may be used by crediting institutions for monitoring current activities providing their sustainability. 


economy norms, crediting institution, sustainability, balance saldo, regulative stock, deposits, assets, financial market


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Publication date

Tuesday, 27 February 2018