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Tajikistan: Multipartyness or Multiparty System

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Akilova Matluba Makhmudjanovna


The article dwells on the peculiarities of multipartyness formation in Tajikistan Republic as a new reality in the process of social life democratization. The author outlines that Tajikistan Republic is in the period of transition to multipartyness system and it has no adequate practical experience in this respect. In comparison with other Western countries parties in Tajikistan formed as result of «explosion» in the society. Hence a chaotic and non-structured process of formation and a character of the parties themselves. The author deems that political parties have been doing their first steps in their professional development; their degrees of evolution and progresses being not tantamount. The author tries to follow dynamics and tendencies of its development in Tajikistan; major hindrances preventing multipartiness system from consolidation being taken into account as well. The main conclusion of the research conducted runs to the following effect: while a multipartiness system of Tajikistan hasn`t been organized yet and the process of professional formation of political parties is on, their political formation requires a grave impetus.


political parties, party systems, multipartyness, multiparty system, party relations, interparty competitiveness 


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Publication date

Thursday, 30 June 2016