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Tendencies of Development and Assessment of Production Effectiveness in Cattle-Breeding Sub-Complex of the Republic

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Khayitbayeva Nargiza Alikulovna


Under the conditions of market economy modern state of home cattle-breeding is characterized with a considerable downfall of the production amount of meat, milk, other products; so, the needs of the country`s population in these food stuffs are not catered to a full extent.As the home market has been practically seized by foreign enterprises delivering cheap frozen sorts of meat and poultry, the husbandry complex can exist only provided the state renders a large-scale support to it. A necessity of an organization of a production putting out competitive cattle-breeding goods requires further improvement of produce structure shaped in the husbandry branch of the republic. First of all, it should provide reduction of expenditures alongside the entire organizational-technological chain beginning with the production of fodder and ending with realization of final products; the latters should be attractive by price and quality both at home and outward markets.


agroindustrial complex, cattle-breeding, effectiveness, milk husbandry, meat husbandry, productivity, standard 


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Publication date

Tuesday, 26 April 2016