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Contemporary Vision of Political Independence

Author (s)

Akmalova Munira Abdunabiyevna


The author of the article expounds the modern notion of the term «political independence». It is marked that political sovereignty implies political independence in home and foreign politics of each state and non-interference into either of them from outside. The author considers a modern stage of political independence formation and adduces concrete prerequisits and conceptions of sovereignty, in particular, she asserts that state sovereignty is a central category being a fundamental politico-legal base. She determines the role of independent state in the term of a governance form, a form of state frameworks and a system of state power bodies. New trends in regard to organization of self-governance, creation of surroundings for mutual responsibility of state and individual are indicated. The same refers to all necessary normative-legal prerequisits for perfection of democratic grounds of the independent state. Different aspects of separate conceptions belonging to contemporary explorers in reference to the notion of «independence» are analyzed too.


sovereign Tajikistan, modern conception of independence, political independence, political process, world politics, political-legal base, form of governance 


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Publication date

Tuesday, 26 April 2016